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GeoModel Solar Launches New Generation Online Tools for Solar Site Prospecting and Bankable Photovoltaic Yield Assessment (Press Release)

ABU DHABI, UAE, January 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- From now planning of solar power plants and photovoltaic systems in the Middle East and North Africa is easy, fast and accurate as never before. GeoModel Solar, a leading international provider of solar resource data, innovative photovoltaic simulation tools and expert consultancy, [...]

New Innovation in Air Defense Out of Africa

New Innovation in Air Defense Out of Africa

Most of the world doesn’t believe that developing nations need, or should have, defense industries.  According to Ivor Ichikowitz, with Paramount Group in South Africa, the opposite is true. “We learned very early on in Africa that the foundation for any economic growth and development was security and stability - with that comes investment [...]

Industry, Market, and Sector Resources for African Countries

Afribiz has prepared a list of free industry, market, and sector resources for each African country for your use. Click on the appropriate link below to access the country desired. Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Republic of [...]

News about Africa and Italy: Business, Investment, and Trade Weekly – Issue November 5, 2011

Debt crisis: as it happened - October 25, 2011 - TodayDebt crisis: as it happened - October 25, finance ministers' meeting may now be pushed to Thursday, Bruno reports, but the EU leaders' statement on Sunday said more... Italian Bonds, Stocks Decline on Bailout Concern; Yen Tumbles [...]

News about Africa and Spain: Business, Investment, and Trade Weekly – Issue November 5, 2011

Cape Town Awarded World Design Capital 2014 - e-Travel Blackboard (press release) - etravelblackboard.com10/31/2011Cape Town Awarded World Design Capital 2014e-Travel Blackboard (press release)South African Tourism is proud to announce that Cape Town has beaten the other shortlisted finalists, Dublin (Ireland) and more... Good morning Emerging [...]

Zimbabwe: Mineral Industry Overview

Zimbabwe’s diverse mineral output included about 3% of the world’s platinum and vermiculite production, about 2% of the world’s lithium and palladium output, and about 1% of the world’s asbestos production. In 2009, several mineral production companies and mineral-based commodity manufacturers resumed operations at mines and plants that [...]

Zambia: Mineral Industry Overview

Copper mining and refining were the predominant components of Zambia’s mineral industry. Zambia also was a significant producer of cobalt and semiprecious gemstones, such as amethyst, beryl, and emerald. In 2009, Zambia’s mines accounted for an estimated 4% of the world’s total output of cobalt and copper (Edelstein, 2010; Shedd, [...]

Uganda: Mineral Industry Overview

Uganda’s Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project (SMMRP), which began in 2004 and was funded by the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Uganda, the Nordic Development Fund, and the World Bank, continued to create investment opportunities in the mineral sector in 2009. The focus of the SMMRP was to acquire geologic data [...]

Sudan: Mineral Industry Overview

In Sudan, increased production of crude petroleum in recent years has substantially strengthened the mineral sector’s influence on the national economy. Sudan was not a globally significant producer or consumer of mineral commodities in 2009. Investment in Sudan’s petroleum and petrochemical industries by U.S. individuals and organizations was [...]

Tunisia: Mineral Industry Overview

Tunisia was a significant producer of phosphate rock and phosphate-based fertilizer, which were the country’s main contribution to the world’s mineral commodities. Tunisia was the world’s fifth ranked producer of phosphate rock in 2009 and accounted for 4.4% of the world supply of phosphate rock. Other mineral commodities produced in Tunisia [...]

Tanzania: Mineral Industry Overview

In 2009, Tanzania was the world’s only producer of tanzanite. The country also played a significant role in the global production of gold, accounting for nearly 2% of the world’s gold mine output (George, 2010). Other domestically significant mining and mineral processing operations included cement and diamond. Tanzania was not a globally [...]

South Africa: Mineral Industry Overview

The Republic of South Africa remained one of the world’s leading mining and mineral-processing countries. In 2009, South Africa’s estimated share of world platinum production amounted to 79%; kyanite and other materials, 60%; chromium, 42%; palladium, 41%; vermiculite, 40%; vanadium, 35%; zirconium, 32%; ilmenite and rutile, 19% each; [...]

Somalia: Mineral Industry Overview

Somalia, which is an East African country located on the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, produced small quantities of gemstones, granite, marble, niobium (columbium), salt, sandstone, and tantalum in recent years. The mineral industry made a small contribution to Somalia’s exports and economy in general. The country also had deposits of [...]

Rwanda: Mineral Industry Overview

Rwanda was not a globally significant consumer of minerals. In 2009, however, Rwanda’s share of the world’s tantalum mine production amounted to about 9%, and tungsten, 1%. In 2008 (the latest year for which data were available), the mining and quarrying sector accounted for about 1% of the gross domestic product. About 50,000 Rwandans were [...]

Sierra Leone: Mineral Industry Overview

Diamond remained the most significant  mineral commodity to Sierra Leone’s economy. The country was the world’s 10th ranked producer of diamond, by volume, in 2010 and the world’s third ranked producer of rutile. Other mineral commodities produced included bauxite, cement, gold, and ilmenite (Gambogi, 2011; Kimberley Process Rough [...]

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