Registering Property in Tanzania

Registering property in Tanzania takes approximately 73 days as compared to about 81 days for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This piece outlines the general technical procedures for registering property in Tanzania, according to the database by the World Bank. The procedures listed are based on an entrepreneur purchasing property, consisting of land and a building, in the major economic hub of the country.  The property is already registered and free from title disputes.

Use this as a guide while you complete the process and consult with agents carrying out work on your behalf.  Additional notes may be found at the website here.

Technical Procedures

The steps involved in registering property in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania are:

  1. Obtain an official search at the Land Registry.
  2. Obtain clearance by the Land Ministry of payment of land tax for ten years.
  3. Obtain a property tax clearance from the Municipality for the last 10 years.
  4. Obtain a valuation report.
  5. A government valuer inspects the property to determine its value.
  6. Have sale agreement notarized and executed, as well as have transfer deed prepared.
  7. Obtain approval for the transfer.
  8. Obtain a capital gains tax certificate from the Tanzania Revenue Authority.
  9. The transfer deed is delivered to the Land Officer for its recording under the name of the buyer at the Lands Registry.

Note: Just before you begin the process to purchase, or register, a property, confirm details with knowledgeable entities.  Policies and procedures may alter between the time of this publication and when you start the process.  The World Bank provides a list of local partners that helped collect and document business-related procedures here.