Monday May 4th 2015

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Mining Operations in Malawi


The following table lists some mining operations in Malawi as of 2006.  For detailed and updated information, contact the national mining and/or minerals agency in Malawi.

Location/Name Mineral Owner/Operator
Blantyre Cement Portland Cement Co. Ltd.
Blantyre Fertilizer Optichem Ltd.
Changalume Cement Portland Cement Co. Ltd.
Chimwadzulu Hill Gemstone – Ruby, Sapphire Agricola Resources plc
Ilomba Hill Stone – Dimension Ilomba Granite of Blantyre
Kasungu Province Limestone Shayona Cement Corp.
Livwezi Cement Shayona Cement Corp.
Mchenga Coal – Bituminous Coal Products Ltd.

Source: United States Geological Survey (USGS)

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