Import and Export Snapshot for Republic of Congo

According to the World Trade Organization, trade represented 149.3% of Republic of Congo’s GDP from 2006-2008.  In 2008, merchandise exports totaled over $9bn while merchandise imports totaled close to $3bn.  Also in 2008, commercial services exports totaled $364 million while commercial services imports totaled over$3.7bn. 

Note:  The information in this snapshot can help identify trade factors that may impact investments in the Republic of Congo.  For example, the higher the Trade-to-GDP ratio the greater sensitivity the Republic of Congo’s economy might have to global economic, trade, and financial fluctuations. Also, changes in economies or industries of key trading partners may trigger changes in the Republic of Congo’s economy and industries.

Major Imports and Exports

According to the International Trade Centre, the top five export categories for the Republic of Congo in 2008, along with percentage of total exports, were:

  1. Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products, etc. (87.5%)
  2. Ores, slag, and ash (5.3%)
  3. Wood, articles of wood, and wood charcoal (2.7%)
  4. Copper and articles of copper (1.9%)
  5. Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins, etc. (1.2%)

According to the International Trade Centre, the top five import categories for Republic of Congo in 2008, along with percentage of total imports, were:

  1. Boiler, machinery, nuclear reactors, etc. (22.2%)
  2. Electrical and electronic equipment (10.6%)
  3. Vehicles other than railway (9%)
  4. Articles of iron or steel (7.2%)
  5. Meat and edible meat offal (3.8%)

Major Trading Partners

The top three countries to which the Republic of Congo exports merchandise, along with percentage of exports, are:

  1. United States (45.1%)
  2. China (32.3%)
  3. France (6%)

The top three countries which import merchandise to the Republic of Congo, along with percentage of imports, are:

  1. France (22.1%)
  2. China (18.7%)
  3. United States (5.6%)

Sources:  World Trade Organization, International Trade Centre, and The World Factbook

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